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My name is Oliver and I love my job. What do I do? I am a concierge at the Regency Hotel in Kensington, the heart of London, where style and sophistication meet the stylish and sophisticated.

What else do I love? In a word, Kensington. It's my home from home, my stomping ground and where I will always choose to while away my free time.

Being a concierge in this Kensington hotel is about so much more than managing staff and handing out local tourist leaflets to bewildered guests. I like to dedicate myself to finding that special event or ticket for the right client. Whether you're interested in the Big Five of Kensington or the venues that are off the beaten path, I have the passion and the insider knowledge of this world to offer you the best.

If you're a visitor for the first time or a knowledgeable local, come and share with me the liveliness and elegance that is the Kensington and Chelsea area as I make recommendations tailored for real people, not for guide books. If you want an authentic experience with a personal touch then you should read on.

While Oliver is a fictional character, he embodies the heart and soul of The Regency Hotel that you'll find in all our concierges.
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Our Hotel in Kensington and the Battle of Blythe Road

Posted by Oliver, on 18 Feb 2015, in History

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Our hotel in Kensington is near to a ‘battle site’ that most people have never heard of.

It was called at the time “The Battle of Blythe Road” and it’s one of those amusingly quirky episodes for which Kensington and London are both well known. (more…)