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Quenching My Thirst: Pubs of Kensington

Posted by Oliver, on 01 Dec 2013, in My Kensington
’Churchill Arms Kensington’, © 2008 Ewan-M, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

’Churchill Arms Kensington’, © 2008 Ewan-M, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Having lived in Kensington my whole life, I have been in and out of a lot of our local watering holes. While I’m partial to a sip of craft beer or a locally brewed ale, I must admit that a really great pub is down to atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for old-world character or new trends, you can find it all near your Kensington hotel – in London, the world’s friendliest city!

Churchill Arms

I love the Churchill Arms, but I must admit that it’s a bundle of contradictions. Although it claims to be an Irish pub – with the tricolour flying proud – its walls are proudly adorned with British World War II memorabilia. Despite Ireland being neutral during World War 2! The Churchill is a traditional cosy tavern, but its bar menu consists of mainly Thai food. Seeing Thai, Irish and British influences meld can be a confusing treat for the eye!

And yet, despite these contradictions, the Churchill remains one of my favourite Kensington pubs. Ideally situated on 119 Kensington Church Street, this pub draws some of the most colourful Kensington characters to its stools. Its overflowing baskets of flowers, ferns and greenery make it a regular winner of the London in Bloom competition.

Windsor Castle

If you want a pub with a true sense of history, the Windsor Castle is the place for you. Established in 1835, the Windsor is one of Kensington’s oldest and best pubs. You can tell it’s an authentically historic pub, because I have to stoop through all of the doorways whenever I pass through! The pub is divided into separate chambers, all filled with wooden pews and booths to add to that amazing sense of character. If your Kensington hotel in London is feeling a little lonely, you’ll be sure to find friends in this gorgeous pub.

While hundreds of London pubs claim to have the “best Sunday lunch in London”, the Windsor Castle is a serious contender. With fluffy Yorkshire puddings, tender meats, mouth-watering roast potatoes and thick, proper gravy, these Sunday lunches go above and beyond the standard Sunday fare!


The Hillgate used to be a traditional old boozer – an atmosphere I like, but is not to everyone’s taste. This corner pub was purchased recently by new owners, and now I can barely recognise it! The wallpaper is cuttings from old Punch magazines, and the walls are adorned with antlers wearing trilby hats and ties. If you want to inject your afternoon with some cosy quirk, then the Hillgate is for you!