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Kensington’s Portobello Road Market

Posted by Oliver, on 26 Nov 2013, in My Kensington
'Portobello Road Markets’, © 2007 London Attractions Guide, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

‘Portobello Road Markets’, © 2007 London Attractions Guide, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Everyone who visits Kensington wants to hit up Portobello Road Market, but lots of people emerge empty handed. Sometimes it’s because just looking is enough, and sometimes it’s because they have trouble tracking down the best Portobello hidden treasures. Listen to my advice and you’ll be sure to emerge with something truly special: soon all the hotels in Kensington, London will be filled with these treasures!


Everyone who visits hotels in Kensington, London seems to have a passion for learning: we have more museums than you can shake a stick at, and every other side street has its own unique history. When it comes to books, Portobello Market is a trove.

If your passion is the unique and the far-flung, then Charles Vernon-Hunt is the stand for you. Vernon-Hunt has a truly amazing collection. From old Tibetan manuscripts on the history of medicine to manuals on East Asian art and design, Vernon-Hunt will enrich your knowledge of anything you care to know about.


Nostalgia, eh? It ain’t what it used to be!

Londoners are brilliant at never throwing anything away, and the choicest items always seem to turn up at Portobello Market. Personally, I love rifling through the old cigarette cards you can pick up at Denbighs at 42 Portobello Road. These old collectables originated in the Victorian era, when cigarette manufacturers used pictures of starlets to reinforce their cigarette packages. A lot of my collector friends have built up huge shoeboxes of these cards, some of which can be quiet valuable!

If you’re looking to casually rifle through the gems of the past then stop by Roger Harris: where you can find everything from a Victorian pin cushion to a 1920’s perfume bottle!


Many people have become disillusioned with the quality of children’s toys today: too many batteries, chargers and shiny screens. If you long to show your kids some of the playthings of yester world, take them to Mr Punch’s Old Toys to see their eyes widen. Wooden sailboats, dolls, teddy bears of jigsaws are all on display at Mr Punch’s, where the Punch family have been working for over three decades collecting and restoring classic toys.