The Glamour of Princess Margaret

Posted by Oliver, on 27 Oct 2013, in History
‘Papa Bird & Princess Margaret 2, © 2010 IPP ON UPP, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

‘Papa Bird & Princess Margaret 2, © 2010 IPP ON UPP, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Hello again!

Today on of my guests at the Regency Hotel asked me about our Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret, so I decided to give all of my online friends a little history about one of the most fashionable women in the history of the British monarchy who lived in Kensington Palace No. 1.

Princess Margaret was born in 1930, and was the youngest daughter of King George IV and the Queen Mother, Elizabeth. Although most of the guests of the Regency Hotel that ask me about this Princess are more concerned with her fashion legacy, she played a big role in the Royal Family’s public work. The Princess was interested in welfare work, and the arts. She stayed busy over her life and was the patron or president of over 80 different organisations, from children’s charities to ballet companies. When Margaret was married to Anthony Armstrong-Jones, later Lord Snowdon, the couple moved into the apartments in Kensington Palace, where she stayed for the rest of her life. An incredible location if I do say so myself.

However much good the lovely Princess did in charity work, she will always be remembered for her exquisite fashion sense. I don’t consider myself a fashion savvy lad myself, but I remember seeing Princess Margaret in all of her gowns and beautifully hand-made dresses and thinking how someone could be so beautiful. Of course every Princess of ours is going to have the looks, but there was a confidence about the late Princess Margaret that was quite stunning.

She kept company with the most fashionable people in the world. All the top fashion houses fought to dress her, but Norman Hartnell designed some of her most memorable pieces, like her eighteenth birthday gown. A little girl who was staying at the Regency Hotel a couple weeks ago marvelled at one of the pictures I showed her while her parents were preparing to leave. Like so many other girls, she couldn’t get enough of the blue dress.

Princess Margaret left a unique legacy behind when she passed in 2002. Survived by her two children, the late Princess was a pioneer in the Fashion world, and continues to inspire designers and trends today. For any guest of the Regency Hotel who loves fashion, sometimes Kensington Palace will display them in the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection. It is true what they say; Kensington’s history is full of beautiful treasures.

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