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Where to Eat When Attending the Proms

Posted by Oliver, on 29 Aug 2014, in For Foodies
‘Kensington High Street’ © 2007 Olivier Bruchez. Used under a Creative Commons license (

‘Kensington High Street’ © 2007 Olivier Bruchez. Used under a Creative Commons license (

The question of where to eat seems to be one of the most frequent to pop up among guests staying at the Kensington hotel where I work. There are other recurring enquiries, of course, but it seems as though everybody wants to know about good places to eat.

This question seems all the more pressing whenever there is a big event around this area, such as the annual BBC Proms. Over the past few days, I have had even more people than usual ask me for places to get a good meal relatively close to the Royal Albert Hall.

Fortunately for them, Kensington is rife with both franchised eateries and quaint little restaurants and cafes, so there is truly something for all tastes. And while I tend to recommend places close to the Kensington hotel where I work, because I am a customer myself and therefore know them a little better, the specific nature of the questions customers have posed over the past few days has led me to broaden my repertoire.

That is why I’ve decided to start using my lunch breaks and off-hours to stray further than usual from my Kensington hotel and find new eateries close to the traditional venue for the proms. My research, as well as being pleasant, has been fruitful: guests will be happy to know that there are all sorts of places to eat around the Royal Albert Hall.

The Hall itself has six restaurants within its doors that may prove both convenient and enticing to most spectators at any given Proms event. Alternatively, both Kensington High Street and Gloucester Road offer a choice of eateries, with the first having all the usual franchise dining, and the latter catering to world food lovers, with its selection of Moroccan and Indian restaurants. I have also heard good reviews about Pizza on the Park, a pizzeria in Knightsbridge.

Of course, if you are not in the mood to explore or don’t fancy any of these options, the in-house restaurant at your Kensington hotel can offer a handy alternative. Ours is excellent, if I do say so myself, and our guests seem to agree.

As you can see, there is no need to fret about where to enjoy a pre-show meal when you come into Kensington to see the proms. There are more than enough places around to suit any fancy.