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Sip the Finest Wine in Kensington

Posted by Oliver, on 17 Sep 2013, in For Foodies
 “Kensington Wine Rooms, Kensington, W8” c. 2012 Ewan-M, used under a Creative Commons License

“Kensington Wine Rooms, Kensington, W8” c. 2012 Ewan-M, used under a Creative Commons License

The world of wine is fascinating to me, and with all my years working in Kensington hotels in London, I have seen every kind of wine personality pass through. There are the collectors – the people that hoard wine in safeguarded cellars, to whom wine is an investment, an interest and sometimes an obsession. Talking to a passionate wine collector makes me feel like I’m getting a lesson on art, science and history all in one.

Then there are the wine enthusiasts. These people see wine as community. Something to enjoy over food as well as something that mixes superbly with friends and conversation. I feel wine is a drink best served in the Kensington Wine Rooms, and I always recommend our guests pop in for a visit whenever they’re in the borough.

Based in Notting Hill, the Kensington Wine Rooms have an amazing reputation as one of the best wine bars in the city. With a selection of over 150 bins and a range of 40 wines served by the glass, the bar has been called the “unofficial clubhouse” for the sophisticated Notting Hill crowd we’re so used to meeting in Kensington.

One of my favourite things about the Kensington Wine Rooms is its complete lack of pretension, as it takes great care to cater to all sizes of pocket. The atmosphere is energetic, inclusive, and it’s not unusual to see huge plates of tapas and cheese making their way around the room. With the Gate Theatre just a 10 minute walk away, the Kensington Wine Rooms is a perfect place to drop by as a post-theatre pit-stop.

A trip to the Kensington Wine Rooms on 101 Kensington Church Street is a perfect way to finish a day in London’s famous Notting Hill. If you’re really enamoured with their selection, why not try the Fulham Wine Rooms and Wine Shop, where you can buy their selection ‘off the rack’? Fulham’s only a quick tube ride from the Regency, one the best Kensington hotels in London.

127-129 Kensington Church Street (formerly at Peel Place, Silver Street).