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Kensington’s Amazing Gastronomic Diversity!

Posted by Oliver, on 22 May 2014, in For Foodies
Kensington restaurants. ‘Restaurants, London’ © 2012 La Citta Vita, used under a Creative Commons license.

Kensington restaurants. ‘Restaurants, London’ © 2012 La Citta Vita, used under a Creative Commons license.(

One of the things I like best about this wonderful borough I was raised and now work in is the variety. Kensington goes beyond the stereotype of ‘upmarket Central London neighbourhood’ and truly embraces that other cliché: it genuinely does offer ‘something for everyone’!

Nowhere is that more evident than in our choice of places to eat. Going out for lunch every day, I am positively astonished at how many different alternatives I have, even just in the area surrounding the hotel in Kensington I work at! I can eat at a different place each day for a month or more, and never have to frequent the same establishment twice!

This diversity is made even better by the fact that these restaurants are not just plentiful in number, they are also diverse in the type of service and cuisine they offer. Again, this sector of Kensington makes it a point to stray from the ‘posh neighbourhood’ mould and offers viable options for all types of budgets and tastes. You have your standard Subways and Pret A Manger’s, just like in any other borough in the City, but not too far down the road you are likely to find a Michelin 4- or 5-star restaurant offering gourmet delicacies. Opposite that you may find a Chinese, and next to that an Italian or a chippie!

What this means for tourists staying at a hotel in Kensington, is that no matter what their taste or budget happens to be, they are likely to find somewhere appropriate to eat without having to stray too far! They can even mix-and-match, trying out all the options our wonderful borough has to offer!

Still, I cannot lie: some places are more recommended than others. One of my personal favourites is the Babylon, at the Roof Gardens, which I mentioned in a previous post. The ambiance is excellent, and the food is fairly priced for the high standard it exhibits. In fact, I often take tips from their menu and pass them on to the chef of the hotel in Kensington I work at!

As the saying goes, however, ‘different strokes for different folks’. Perhaps your taste is different than mine. Which is why, this time around, I’ve opted not to recommend any particular place, but simply celebrate the culinary wealth and variety that Kensington offers in this regard!