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Get Organic Food Near Your Hotel in Kensington

Posted by Oliver, on 04 Jun 2014, in For Foodies
Whole Foods Market, Kensington

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As I have probably told you, we get all sorts of people passing by the hotel in Kensington where I work. It’s really quite fascinating to discover just how different the human race can be, whether in terms of culture, beliefs or personal tastes – at least I am always enthralled by it!

This short intro leads into my post for today, which is about organic foods. These are a very common choice among guests staying at my hotel in Kensington, and I am often asked where to go to find all-natural ingredients and meals. Fortunately, like so many other aspects of everyday life, I have a ready and nearby option to point them towards.

In this case, however, it is not just ‘an’ option. It is ‘the’ option. The borough of Kensington happens to be the home of the largest organic foods shop not just in Britain, but in the entire world. How can one not be proud of being a Kensingtonian?!

The store in question is called the Whole Foods Market, and it is located very near to the hotel in Kensington where I work. I have been inside a couple of times, and I can attest to how massive it is – their website speaks of 80,000 square feet, and I, for one, believe it!

Just to give you an idea of how large this shop is, not only do they have every type of organic product imaginable, they also have a number of restaurants inside, where guests who are less fond of cooking (or simply do not have the means) can enjoy their favourite all-organic meal, prepared by a specialised staff! It’s not just posh pricey stuff, either – there is pizza, sushi, barbecue meats, and all sorts of other delicacies to suit all tastes. I have dined there a few times, and I can tell you the food is worth sampling – maybe not as good as what the chef in my hotel in Kensington whips up, but not too shabby either!

This shop also has the advantage of being located within walking distance of most of the area’s tube stations, as well as several of the monuments, making it an ideal stop for organic food lovers on a day out and about in the borough!

All in all, chalk another one up for our lovely Kensington and Chelsea!