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I know I say this quite often, but one of the best things about working in a hotel in Kensington is the variety of different lunch options I have each day. Never has the phrase ‘something for everyone’ been better encapsulated than in my borough’s choice of eateries. Whether you fancy a burger, fish and chips, a nice sit-down meal, world cuisine or simply a quick bite from a major-chain franchise, you will find it all in Kensington!

And of course, with all this variety at the tips of my fingers, I could not possibly pass up the opportunity to try each and every one of these restaurants. In my mission to do so (which has now stretched over a number of years), I have made some pleasant discoveries, as well as struck a few places (not many) off my list. Personal opinions aside, this endeavour has also proven very useful when it comes to recommending places to dine to guests staying at my hotel in Kensington – having tried almost all the restaurants in the area, I know where to send them, and more importantly, where not to send them.

In this regard, one of my most frequent recommendations is Whits, a charming family-run restaurant near my hotel in Kensington. I first caught sight of this restaurant through some rave reviews by both customers and friends, and when I finally tried out the food at Whits, I wasn’t disappointed.

What I like best about Whits is how unpretentious it is. Despite being in the heart of a wealthy London borough, the French and English couple who run this restaurant have managed to keep it low-key and intimate, traits which I think might please visitors to the City who are tired of all the novelty restaurants and just want a nice place to eat. Whits’s owners describe their atmosphere as ‘relaxed and friendly’, and they are absolutely right.

The food itself is a mix of British and French cuisines, drawing from the influence of each half of the couple. The food is unshowy, but quite tasty, and more importantly, reasonably priced, another point that’s sure to appeal to visitors who are tired of paying over the odds for a London meal.

This mix of low-key charm, reasonable prices, good service and delicious food has helped Whits to keep going for a decade and to receive rave reviews from both customers and industry specialists alike. I certainly do enjoy the place and make a point to recommend it to guests at my hotel in Kensington.