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A Modern Brasserie Inspired by the Sea

Posted by Oliver, on 24 Aug 2013, in For Foodies
'IXS_0071', © 2008 Leon Brocard, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

‘IXS_0071′, © 2008 Leon Brocard, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Of all the fantastic restaurants in Kensington, Kensington Place might be my top pick. This modern brasserie focuses on dishes featuring freshly caught seafood. Head chef Dan Loftin chooses only the best seafood that is bought from the restaurants partner, The Fish Shop. As concierge for one of the best Kensington hotels in London, I know all of the best spots, and this is one of them !

The weekday set lunch menu is great for a reasonable meal. The extremely child friendly restaurant also has the option of every dish on the menu being available in child size. This is perfect for the families staying in Kensington hotels in London. The extensive wine list and cocktail menu is constantly changing to keep some excitement for the regular patrons. For those guests of the classic Kensington hotels in London, don’t worry, there are always staple items that are of course excellent. The wine list actually recently won the ‘Best Wine List’ award at Taste of London. These drinks are perfectly paired with any dish on the menu.

The delicious spot also has an Art Wall that features a new artist every couple of months. Right now the wall is covered by pieces by BAFTA-winning illustrator Jonny Hannah. Hannah’s artwork is heavily inspired by the sea, which makes it the perfect complement for Chef Loftin’s sea centered menu. His linocuts, screenprints and paintings have become local favourites, and are available for purchase at Kensington Place. Personally I admire his use of colour and the levity of his work. So many artists these days are so concerned with moving and shaking social structure, Hannah on the other hand creates some truly enjoyable pieces that are just nice to look at.

Kensington Place also has been known to hold various classes or workshops for the public to learn about cooking or maybe bartending. I have heard through the grapevine that this August, they will be hosting a Kid’s chocolate making class. This will be perfect for children staying in Kensington hotels in London. I actually might have to sneak in myself ! A delicious afternoon of chocolate ? I can think of nothing more I would rather do. This establishment is making an effort to stay connected with the community, and is a characteristic I love about the Kensington people ; they understand the importance of community.

Be sure to book a table at this excellent restaurant while staying at one of the Kensington hotels in London. Kensington Place is a great restaurant to take the family or a friend and enjoy a laid back meal surrounded by fabulous art and fabulous people.