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A Chocolate Heaven

Posted by Oliver, on 05 Mar 2014, in For Foodies
Artisan du Chocolate2

‘Artisan du Chocolat Sea Salted Caramels with Lemongrass – The Box’ , © 2011 Lee McCoy, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Hello again my friends,

Today I come to you with one of the most delicious suggestions yet. As a concierge of one of the beautiful Kensington hotels, London never fails to provide me with unbelievable options for my guests. Artisan du Chocolat is a London gourmet chocolate shop that will bring you to your knees with the delicious flavours of the truffles and bars. This is chocolate taken seriously.

This shop, with locations in Selfridges, Chelsea and Notting Hill, was started by an Irishman, Gerard, who has trained as a chef and pastry chef in Dublin, London and New York before training as a chocolatier in Belgium when he was 25. When he finished his training, young Gerard moved back to London to open Artisan du Chocolat in 2000.

One of the most unique parts of this chocolate haven is that Gerard and his team ground their own cocoa beans, add some sugar, milk and a few other ingredients to create some of the most amazing morsels of chocolate treats you have ever tasted. In 2002 Gerard created the Liquid Salted Caramel. These are the original salted caramels and are arguably the best in the world. They now come in different variations, but I love the original personally.

At the Notting Hill location they also have a Chocolateria, serving hot chocolate, ice cream, and of course their famous truffles and bars. This location is perfect for my guests of Kensington hotels. London is known for its chilly weather and grey skies, and this location provides visitors a haven from the crisp air. I encourage everyone who passes by to enjoy a cup of their hot chocolate, the richness is unparalleled. This is also the perfect place to buy gifts for family members when staying in one of the classic Kensington hotels. London is known for its culinary innovation; what better way to highlight this to your loved ones than to bring them a delicious treat entirely made in the city!

Artisan du Chocolat is a great place to take children, or just pop in the Notting Hill location for a cup of hot chocolate before heading back to one of the Kensington hotels. London never disappoints when it comes to sweets, and Gerard’s chocolate shops are no exception.