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The Opera Dazzles like Never Before

Posted by Oliver, on 18 Feb 2014, in Culture Corner
'Holland Park', © 2007 Oliver Bruchez, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

‘Holland Park’, © 2007 Oliver Bruchez, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

For guests staying in Kensington hotels in London seeking the famous culture that the city is known for, the annual Holland Park Opera is a highlight of the summer holiday for many locals and visitors. I am continuously impressed by the cultural plains of Kensington and the array of local events that draw people from all over the city, and the world.

Summer is my favourite season in Kensington because there are so many opportunities to experience the rare nice weather of our fare island. The Holland Park Opera is the perfect chance to take advantage of the world famous English parks and culture simultaneously. This season the company is putting on six different shows I know guests of Kensington hotels in London will take delight in. The temporary Holland Park Theatre sets the stage for classic arias to be experienced by anyone who attends. The classic, Madame Butterfly will return to continue to impress audiences with beautiful costumes and the clever compilation of Puccini. Behold the delightful tone of the Welsh soprano Natalya Romaniw while snacking on some nibbles from any of the tasty specialty shops around Kensington.

Families who are staying in one of the classic Kensington hotels in London will relish at the chance to attend the newly re-imagined story of Alice in Wonderland. This childhood darling will enchant anyone who attends, complete with a full orchestra and the classic characters that have captivated readers for decades. One of my favourite parts about Kensington is that there are plenty of opportunities for children and adults to enjoy, and Opera Holland Park has hit this nail right on the head. Who wouldn’t want to fall down the rabbit hole into a night of music and fun?

This fabulous opportunity to see a show under the stars is a chance I hope every guest of the Kensington hotels in London will take advantage of. I cannot wait until I have a chance to see a show this summer for myself! Kensington always keeps me busy in the summer with the range of events and great amount of fun to be had.

I’ll see you there!