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Prom Season Starts at My Hotel in Kensington

Posted by Oliver, on 04 Jul 2014, in Culture Corner
‘Royal Albert Hall’

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Before I get started with today’s post, I feel obliged to apologise in advance. If, by any chance, I happen to ‘disappear’ from the web in the upcoming weeks, that will be simply due to the fact that my hotel in Kensington will have become fully booked. I expect it. We all expect it. Because, as you know, this is the season of the proms and we are a short stroll from the Royal Albert Hall.

And with good reason – the proms are invariably a sight to behold. The entire City gets into the spirit, and there’s a cultural buzz going about like you don’t always experience, even in London! It almost makes me sad that I have to work and will, therefore, miss most of the concerts, but as the entire thing lasts for two months, I am sure I will have the opportunity to see at least some on my day off!

Now, at this point, I suppose I should pause and explain what the proms consist of. I tend to forget not all of my readers come from London, and some of them may associate this term with end-of-school-year parties for schoolchildren. That, however, is not what we are talking about here – that would hardly cause a hotel in Kensington to become fully booked now, would it?

In this instance the Proms refers to the age-old tradition of the audience being able to ‘promenade’ in the upper balconies throughout the concerts.

If you are in London and staying in a hotel in Kensington then this series of classical concerts must not be missed. The events are put on in one of London’s best known concert venues, the Royal Albert Hall, and normally sponsored by the BBC. They usually take place in the summer months, namely July and August, because, to be fair, those are the only times of the year you can count on British weather being pleasant.

Every year, there are usually a number of big-name artists and orchestras taking part in these proms who draw a global audience. If you happen to be one of the many people from outside of London who plan to come and see some of the concerts, a hotel in Kensington would be an excellent place to stay, as the area is fairly central and you will have easy access to the Royal Albert Hall.