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A Refreshing Night at the Royal Court

Posted by Oliver, on 01 Mar 2014, in Culture Corner
A Refreshing Night at the Royal Court2

‘the royal court theatre’, © 2013 Dasha Stokoz, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Hello again my friends!

I just don’t know how I have not written about The Royal Court Theatre before this, but let me tell you, this innovative theatre company is definitely a highlight of the Kensington and Chelsea Bourough. The Royal Court is a national company that features up and coming playwrights and actors. This scary task of finding and showing new talent is executed marvellously, and the theatre has an impeccable reputation for being one of the most important theatres in Europe. One of the best parts of being a concierge in one of the Kensington hotels in London is that my guests and I are minutes away from some of the best unknown talent in the world!

The theatre has two venues at their Sloane Square location presents a slew of plays every year. One of my favourite parts about this company however is their dedication to cultivating new talent. They have developed exchanges that bring young writers to Britain and send British writer, actors and directors all over the world. This gives guests of Kensington hotels in London a great opportunity to see works from all over the world right down the street. Kensington truly is an international area.

This summer the Royal Court is showing a number of fantastic shows that every guest of Kensington hotels in London should see. I have recently seen “The Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastomas”. I found myself quite intrigued by the title and said “Why not Oliver?” This play is rather dark, of course, but it shows the progression of a boy to a corrupt man as he invents three “golden rules” for success. This is Dennis Kelly’s first show at the Royal Court, and I must admit it was quite electrifying.

If you are looking for some culture, the Royal Court has been working with some emerging playwrights from Chile since 2012, and is debuting a series of five plays in September to mark the 40th anniversary of the military coup that overthrew Salvador Allende’s democratic government. These plays are supposed to be quite revolutionary and will provide the audience with an indepth look at how the South American country has moved on. I personally cannot wait to see a play or two from this series. Many of my Chilean guests that will be coming in September have already booked tickets for this event, and you should as well. I am sure it will be spectacular, like everything else at the theatre.

The Royal Court is an institution in the Kensington and Chelsea area, and minutes from any of the Kensington hotels. In London there are plenty of plays to see, but the ones that are featured at this pioneering theatre not only give newcomers a chance to showcase their talent, but also give people the opportunity to see material from all over the world right down the street. I am always sending my guests down to this theatre, and I haven’t yet had a complaint.