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You’re in for a treat if you have the chance to dine in Kensington. It seems to me that when I advise my guests at the hotel in Kensington that the choice of cuisine is infinite in this area. Whether you’re looking for an international or traditional experience, I can point you in the right direction.

Knightsbridge Restaurant

Visiting Knightsbridge and Dining Out

Posted by Oliver, on 20 Nov 2015, in For Foodies

I know that many of our guests love visiting Knightsbridge.

That usually has a connection to let’s call it ‘retail therapy’, and that’s perfectly understandable.

However, I’m also regularly asked to recommend dining establishments in the area and also provide some general eating-out in Knightsbridge advice. (more…)

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Our London Hotel and Peruvian Cuisine

Posted by Oliver, on 20 Jul 2015, in For Foodies
Courtesy of London Regency Hotel

Courtesy of London Regency Hotel

I’ve long been known as a great advocate of trying different dining experiences.  In fact, both in and surrounding our London hotel, guests have access to a vast array of diverse cuisines and I’m always keen to help them experiment.


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Our Kensington Hotel and the East End Beigel

Posted by Oliver, on 07 Jun 2015, in For Foodies

I don’t like to be accused of being too parochial.

True, I love Kensington but I’m the first to admit that other parts of London have their attractions as well and one of those is that great culinary delicacy called the “Beigel”. No, that’s not a spelling mistake! In fact, you’ll also sometimes see the spelling “Biegel” used. (more…)

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Afternoon Tea Near Our Kensington Hotel

Posted by Oliver, on 11 Feb 2015, in For Foodies

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True, I shouldn’t even think about cakes given my regular battle against my expanding waistline! Even so, I just have to sing the praises of one of the many great traditional British cakes you can find locally near our Kensington hotel. (more…)