Bookish Kensington

Blue plaque for poet Ezra Pound

‘Kensington: 10 Kensington Church Walk’ (c) 2009 David Nicholls. Used under a Creative Commons license. (

A short while ago, I wrote a post about famous authors who had lived, died, been influenced by or left their influence upon the area of Kensington where I live and work. As I recall from that post, I introduced some of the most famous literary names associated with this area and made brief mention of where each of them lived.

Today, I am returning to that topic, but from a different perspective. You see, since writing that post, I have had several guests at my Kensington hotel ask me for a comprehensive list of all the ‘celebrity homes’ in the area – ‘celebrity’, in this case, meaning a house or building where a famous literary person lived.

Because my goal is to ensure that my customers are fully satisfied, I looked into this topic a little bit further, and found a few more names for our guests, who are staying at my Kensington hotel, to add to their literature-inspired tour of our beautiful borough. What’s more, I found that some people had already gone to the trouble of finding all these homes and had developed an itinerary around them, which I could provide to my guests.

Due to the fact that each writer’s home is identified with a round blue plaque, this tour has unsurprisingly become known as the ‘blue plaque tour’. It can easily be started from any Kensington hotel, and it will give visitors a comprehensive view of just how many writers, both British and foreign, chose to settle in this area over the years.

The ‘blue plaque tour’ stops at all the best-known homes – Bram Stoker’s, J.M. Barrie’s, Ezra Pound’s or T. S. Eliot’s – as well as some of the lesser known ones, and guests who wish to expand beyond the field of literature can even include a few celebrities from other areas of society in their itinerary for a more thorough and complete tour.

Further research has yielded the information that there are even cycling tours of Kensington’s blue plaque homes, something I certainly wasn’t aware of and, as someone who enjoys cycling, would definitely like to try. In the meantime, I have gathered valuable information to pass on to guests who stay at my Kensington hotel.