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A Bookfair for Every Degree of Book Lover

Posted by Oliver, on 26 Feb 2014, in Bookish Kensington
‘Antique book’, © 2007 Juan Antonio Flores Segal, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

‘Antique book’, © 2007 Juan Antonio Flores Segal, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Kensington is a book lover’s paradise. With modern and antique book shops lining the streets of this London borough, I am confident there is not a title that cannot be found. For any guest of a Kensington hotel, London provides a great selection that can be tailored to every taste.

In November the Chelsea Antique Bookfair is one of my favourite recommendations for any guest of a Kensington hotel. London neighborhood Chelsea will host this event for the twenty-third year this November. Famous for its supremely welcoming and laid back atmosphere, this event is great for every kind of book lover. If you find yourself itching to be immersed in the classic smell of old books yellowed from age, this is the place.

The great thing about this fair is that whether you are a serious collector of antique books or just someone who has sparked an interest, the Chelsea bookfair will not dissapoint. With classics ranging from as high as 50,000 quid to a mere 20 book lovers from all walks will enjoy the diversity of the selection. Last year I found a Winnie the Pooh first edition that I covet. He never seems to be able to get that jar of honey off of his head, but I just cannot get enough of this childhood favourite, in the orignal state no less.

I encourage everyone who is looking for a little nostalgia in their lives to venture the fair just down the road from any Kensington hotel. London visitors and locals have enjoyed this capital opportunity to mingle with book lovers from all over the world. If you are a new-commer to the antique book world take advantage of the passion the local book vendors have for their trade. Learn the gritty terms of the trade like yapp edges or pochoir plates.

The Chelsea Bookfair is held every year in the Old Town Hall, one of my most favourite buildings in the Kensington area because after all of these years, the charm and intimacy remains present.

A great atmosphere and friendly people make this bookfair an instant classic for every degree of book lover. Take a stroll in the crisp autumn air down to the Old Town Hall and browse the extensive collection of antique books the fair has to offer.