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My name is Oliver and I love my job. What do I do? I am a concierge at the Regency Hotel in Kensington, the heart of London, where style and sophistication meet the stylish and sophisticated.

What else do I love? In a word, Kensington. It's my home from home, my stomping ground and where I will always choose to while away my free time.

Being a concierge in this Kensington hotel is about so much more than managing staff and handing out local tourist leaflets to bewildered guests. I like to dedicate myself to finding that special event or ticket for the right client. Whether you're interested in the Big Five of Kensington or the venues that are off the beaten path, I have the passion and the insider knowledge of this world to offer you the best.

If you're a visitor for the first time or a knowledgeable local, come and share with me the liveliness and elegance that is the Kensington and Chelsea area as I make recommendations tailored for real people, not for guide books. If you want an authentic experience with a personal touch then you should read on.

While Oliver is a fictional character, he embodies the heart and soul of The Regency Hotel that you'll find in all our concierges.
Christmas Turkey

Christmas Dining in Kensington

Posted by Oliver, on 28 Nov 2015, in For Foodies

As the festive season approaches, our hotel is really buzzing. The atmosphere is fantastic and one of the commonest questions I get asked relates to British traditions and Christmas dining in Kensington.

Traditionally, at least for the past 150 years or so, the main English festive season meal is served on Christmas Day and comprises turkey, roast potatoes, vegetables, stuffing and lashings of gravy (sauce). That is followed up by Christmas pudding (a sort of hot and spicy fruit mixture) served with brandy butter or cream. (more…)

Christmas Carol

A Historic Christmas in Kensington

Posted by Oliver, on 26 Nov 2015, in History

My guests, colleagues and friends all know that I am something of a fanatic for history. So that’s why a forthcoming exhibition relating to a historic Christmas in Kensington has really caught my attention.

This is being held at the world-famous Kensington Palace over December and into early January. It will be a very accurate re-creation of a Victorian Christmas of the sort that would have been the norm around Queen Victoria’s heyday. (more…)


Visiting Knightsbridge at Christmas and New Year

Posted by Oliver, on 25 Nov 2015, in Bookish Kensington

I have a confession to make about visiting Knightsbridge at Christmas – I love it!

Now for most of our guests, visiting Knightsbridge is largely about Harrods and Harvey Nichols. The area is justifiably world-famous for those and I can understand why. These fantastic shops are ablaze with lights and decorations around Christmas and the New Year. (more…)

Knightsbridge Restaurant

Visiting Knightsbridge and Dining Out

Posted by Oliver, on 20 Nov 2015, in For Foodies

I know that many of our guests love visiting Knightsbridge.

That usually has a connection to let’s call it ‘retail therapy’, and that’s perfectly understandable.

However, I’m also regularly asked to recommend dining establishments in the area and also provide some general eating-out in Knightsbridge advice. (more…)

Albert Bridge

Chelsea Attractions and Odd History

Posted by Oliver, on 05 Nov 2015, in History

Yet again, a colleague has accused me of being slightly obsessed with Kensington.  I don’t really deny that, but I’ve decided to speak on behalf of the Chelsea attractions just to show I’m not totally biased!

It’ll also give me a chance to share some of the area’s ‘odd histories’ – yes, another obsession of mine. (more…)

sloane square featured

Why did Sloane Square Give Rise to ‘Sloanies”?

Posted by Oliver, on 15 Oct 2015, in History

Sloane Square is a charming location not far from our hotel.

One of our guests asked me recently just what a “Sloanie” was and whether it was related to the location. She said she’d heard the expression on an old TV re-run.

Although I’m not an expert on very recent social history, I’ll do my best to explain here! (more…)